Grand Héritage


Several generations have been necessary to patiently built one of the largest and greatest estates in the area, focused on key appellations such as Château-Chalon, l’Étoile and Arbois. The Domaine MAIRE & Fils covers nowadays 234 hectares of vines producing all the area grapes varieties.

The Jura wine region is small in size but large in its remarkable diversity. It covers 80 kilometres between Burgundy and Switzerland, in the eastern France. Created in 1937, the AOC (designation of origin) of Cotes du Jura is omnipresent in the north and south of the vineyard, on varied and contrasting terroirs. It is the second leading AOC in Jura in terms of production, and it engages all five of the Jura's grape varieties.

The whole range of wines of the Jura is represented, although the whites dominate - still or sparkling - with wines that are round, fruity, and generous.
he “TRADITION” term refers to a typical blend of the local white grapes varieties Chardonnay and Savagnin. Our cuvee TRADITION is made of around 80% Chardonnay and 20% Savagnin.
The Chardonnay grape variety, originating from Burgundy but cultivated in the Jura since the 10th Century, has become a native of the region. Its great adaptability makes it the most prominent grape variety today, especially on limestone and light soils.

The Savagnin is typical to the Jura and flourishes on its grey marls, maturing slowly. Patient and demanding, it is the ideal grape variety for an oxydative maturing process, referred to as "sous voile". It creates white wines that are powerful with complex aromas: fresh butter, undergrowth, almonds, nuts, and spices...

In order to develop a harmonious cuvée, our Côtes du Jura comes from a selection of our best plots. The Savagnin grows on soils of grey marl and ripens slowly.

The work in the vines, is based on the respect of the nature and the soil. For young vines, located on steep slopes, to avoid erosion, we cultivate a row out of two, practice soil reassembly to aerate the lands subjected to settlement due to moisture, and grass with plants. Such as clover, which, by competing on the vine, can modulate its mineral and water supply and control its vigor and yield. The Guyot double size is necessary for the Chardonnay to better control its performance.

The restructuring of the vines contributes to the harmony of our cuvée: the young vines bring the exuberance, the freshness and the acidity. While the older specimens bring the structure and character.

Reception of the grapes, vatting by gravity into a thermo-regulated tank for the fermentation. They are pressed, and musts are settling under control temperature.

Then engages the fermentation maintained at low temperature (20- 22°C).

A major part of the Chardonnay was aged in stainless steel tanks, for 2 -3 months to aid the preservation of the wine's minerality, purity of fruit and crisp acidity.

The rest of the Chardonnay was aged on fine lees, in wooden tun, for 2 -3 months to bring more roundness and 'gluttony'.

A part of the Savagnin juices were matured in oak barrels, "sous voile" for 8 to 12 months, to bring the aromas of nuts, spices...

This cuvee TRADITION offers a perfect association between the elegance and the finesse of the Chardonnay, with withe flowers and white fruits aromas pleasantly combined with typical roasted almonds and hazelnuts notes brought by the Savagnin “sous voile”.

Open the bottle a little hour before the tasting and allow the flavours to develop better and serve slightly fresh between 12° and 14°C (53-57°F) with cheese gougers, fish tapas, crayfish, fish terrine and local cheese such as Comté, Morbier or Bleu de Gex (blue cheese).

5 to 8 years.