Grandes Parcelles

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Several generations have been necessary to patiently built one of the largest and greatest estates in the area, focused on key appellations such as Château-Chalon, l’Étoile and Arbois. The Domaine MAIRE & Fils covers nowadays 234 hectares of vines producing all the area grapes varieties.

A sweet, sensuous nectar, Vin de Paille is made from the finest grapes in the Jura vineyards, using a traditional technique passed down from generation to generation. Our Straw Wine 2013 is made from the precious blend of 50% Chardonnay and 50% Poulsard.
Amber coloured with shimmery mahogany highlights; the aromas are intense, spicy, with a touch of roasted flavour, candied fruits, and caramel. In the mouth, the attack is rich, smooth, and the softness is pleasant because the acidity maintains just the right balance. A final of exceptional concentration.
Long used as a natural fortifier, for its energetic virtues, the straw wine bewitched with happiness appetizers, foie gras or desserts: to discover for example on a frozen soufflé with four spices or a chocolate fondant, preferably fresh, between 6 and 8°C (42-48°F).
Serve ideally chilled (46-50°F.).
This exceptional wine is ready to drink and can be kept for up to 20 years.
The Jura wine region is small in size but large in its remarkable diversity. It covers 80 kilometres between Burgundy and Switzerland, in the eastern France.The Arbois AOC is the oldest and largest of the Jura's four geographic AOCs. In particular, it was France's first AOC (created in 1937).   Its name originates in the Celtic words "ar" and "bois" that would mean "fertile land".
In order to create a harmonious Vin de Paille, we selected our best plots. The soils are very varied: Bajocian limestones, calcareous scree and marls on the plots attached to the hillside, to various clays, Lias and Trias on lands further forward, of variable depth but always sitting on Marls which may be exposed.
This sweet wine is obtained from grapes harvested with the greatest precaution, at the very beginning of the harvest. The most beautiful bunches, very ripe and very healthy, are chosen among our old vines, then transported delicately in a ventilated, unheated room.

These golden bunches, without any mould will be arranged on racks until January or February.

During this long period of natural pasturing, the grapes transform themselves deeply. It loses a large part of its water and concentrates in sugar, at the same time as a slow maceration takes place which gives the Wine of Straw its 'taste of fruit', fundamental element of its flavour. The very slow pressing, will offer a must, whose concentration in sugar is of the order of 320 to 420g/L. Only 18 to 25L of juice are obtained with 100kg of grapes picked!

This must will ferment slowly for many months. The fermentation will stop naturally when the wine reaches between 14 to 16°C of alcohol retaining 90 to 130g of unprocessed sugar. Then 24 months, of aging in oak barrel, before the bottling exclusively of 37.5cl.
A nectar of patience!

The particular development of the Vin de Paille (Straw Wine) and the aromas it develops make it a remarkable wine. Its grapes are selected with the greatest attention in order to retain only the most beautiful fruits. They are then allowed to dehydrate for several months in a dry and ventilated room.

The Vin de Paille takes its name from its method of exploitation preceding the vinification with the grapes which were dried in straw before the vinification stage. Legend has it that this wine had the amazing ability to turn defects into virtues; it is difficult to venture on these paths because it remains of course to be meditated especially that the current production would prove quickly insufficient with regard to the needs! But epicureans will not lose anything to test in their family circle close or friendly to check if the reality is susceptible to catch up with the sayings that cross the time.