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On the Jura foothills, the vineyard undulates as far as the eye can see. The authentic and local grape variety Savagnin expresses itself wonderfully on this unique terroir, offering powerful wines with nice substance, mineral notes of lemon and white flowers.

Alliance of fruit & minerality.

In order to develop a harmonious cuvée, our Arbois Savagnin comes from a selection of our best plots. The Savagnin grows on soils of grey marl.

A patchwork of complex terroirs articulated around multiple faults.

The work in the vines, is based on the respect of the nature and the soil. For young vines, located on steep slopes, to avoid erosion, we cultivate a row out of two, practice soil reassembly to aerate the lands subjected to settlement due to moisture, and grass with plants. Such as clover, which, by competing on the vine, can modulate its mineral and water supply and control its vigor and yield. The Guyot double size is necessary to better control the performance.

Reception of the grapes, vatting by gravity into a thermo-regulated tank for the fermentation. They are pressed, and musts are settling under control temperature. Then engages the fermentation maintained at low temperature (20- 22°C). 90% ageing in stainless steel tanks, for 2 -3 months to aid the preservation of the wine's minerality, purity of fruit and crisp acidity. The rest ageing 5 months on fine lees, in oak cask, to expand the aromatic palette of wine. It is a "naturé" wine, a term used when aging wines while protecting them from contact with air, by filling them up as the level drops due to natural evaporation.

2 to 3 years.

To taste, slightly fresh at 12°C, with cold appetizers, shellfish, grilled fish, roast chicken.

The Jura wine region is small in size but large in its remarkable diversity. It covers 80 kilometres between Burgundy and Switzerland, in the eastern France. The Arbois AOC is the oldest and largest of the Jura's four geographic AOCs. In particular, it was France's first AOC (created in 1937).

This vintage was marked by very early budburst, which meant the spring frosts hit particularly hard this year, affecting half of the Henri Maire estate. The young shoots were very susceptible, but luckily, the growth cycle continued normally, and the resulting fruit was in excellent health. The harvests began on 24 August with the crémants and ended on 13 September. The first tastings were very promising, with indulgent and fruity wines.

100% Savagnin
Typical of the Jura region, this grape variety grows on soils of grey marl and ripens slowly. Demanding and patient, it is ideal for oxidative ageing under a film of yeast known as “voile", or veil. In topped-up barrels, it displays mineral notes of lemon and white flowers.