ARBOIS Domaine de Brégand

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Domaines Henri Maire have been implementing the principles of eco-friendly, biological pest control in all our vineyards for many years. This land parcel in Arbois started going over to organic viticulture in 1998. It has now fully implemented this approach, which is inspected and certified by ECOCERT. The Pinot Noir grappe variety chosen for this experiment is one the most demanding, delicate varieties. This provides even more incentive to encourage any natural process promoting the vine's own defence mechanisms.

Our vines are around thirty years’ old and are fully mature. Planted in chalky/clayey ground (Pinot Noir's favourite soil), they are now yielding their best crops and contain the Jura terroir's authentic character.

To be enjoyed with quail and red berries, sautéed duck breast, oeufs en meurette (poached eggs in red wine sauce) or just with a delicious cut of roast beef. The ideal temperature is around 14°C.

The Jura wine region is small in size but large in its remarkable diversity. It covers 80 kilometres between Burgundy and Switzerland, on the eastern border of France. The Arbois AOC is the oldest and largest of the Jura's four geographic AOCs. In particular, it was France's first AOC (created in 1937).