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A nectar of patience !

The particular development of the Vin de Paille (Straw Wine) and the aromas it develops make it a remarkable wine. Its grapes are selected with the greatest attention in order to retain only the most beautiful fruits. They are then allowed to dehydrate for several months in a dry and ventilated room.

The Vin de Paille takes its name from its method of exploitation preceding the vinification with the grapes which were dried in straw before the vinification stage. Legend has it that this wine had the amazing ability to turn defects into virtues; it is difficult to venture on these paths because it remains of course to be meditated especially that the current production would prove quickly insufficient with regard to the needs! But epicureans will not lose anything to test in their family circle close or friendly to check if the reality is succeptible to catch up with the sayings that cross the time.

A new refreshing way to discover the beautiful golden Vin de Paille (‘straw wine’) as a ’granita’: 
• A surprising encounter between sugar and ice
• Sensations mingling freshness and silky sweetness
• Ideally paired with many widely available delicacies such as goose or duck liver - any kind of blue cheese,  numerous desserts and pastries, and chocolate.

In order to create a harmonious Vin de Paille, we selected our best plots. The soils are very varied: Bajocian limestones, calcareous scree and marls on the plots attached to the hillside, to various clays, Lias and Trias on lands further forward, of variable depth but always sitting on Marls which may be exposed.

A patchwork of complex terroirs articulated around multiple faults.

Long used as a natural fortifier, for its energetic virtues, the straw wine bewitched with happiness appetizers, foie gras or desserts: to discover for example on a frozen soufflé with four spices or a chocolate fondant, preferably fresh, between 6 and 8°C.