15 March 2018

New tasting rituals

The journey through the land of wine is an infinite one, and the holy grail at the end of an initiation rite is the discovery of one of the world’s greatest wines, patiently aged under a veil of secrecy for years to produce a powerful, complex wine of great depth.

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1 December 2016

From shadow to light

In 1939, Henri Maire inherited 2.6 hectares of vines and went on to gradually assemble a huge estate that was almost overshadowed by the branded wines created by this Jurassic giant, which enjoyed huge success in the 1950s, such as the legendary Vin Fou.

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18 May 2016

A new brand identity

The new visual universe of Domaines Henri Maire evokes the drive towards excellence that the Boisset family has instigated since it acquired the wine house two years ago.

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